Hardware Integration

Apart from software solutions, we also offer solutions for businesses that need hardware integration. This can be especially useful if you need to live update the data on your web platform of an ongoing event, or you need data from some hardware technologies. These will significantly improve the user experience using your products or services.

Also you may want to enhance your platform security by one-time password (OTP) devices or fingerprint scanners.

Wireless Devices:
  • Active / passive RFID tags are extremely useful for inventory management, personal identification, and sports race timing.
  • NFC is a great technology for entrance security, tap-and-go payment, and transferring data wirelessly.
  • And these gadgets can work well with mobile phones through Bluetooth or WiFi.
We are open to different kinds of proposals and can provide long-term technical support to your business.

Security measures can help you prevent huge losses, moreover, it gives your customers the confidence to continue to use your service. You can add an extra layer of security by employing security device or 2 factor authentication on your web platform. Contact us now

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